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8-Stage Static Shift Register

Other names for this product: 4021,
Courtesy/Thanks to: Fairchild Semiconductor

Description: The CD4021BC is an 8-stage parallel input/serial output shift register. A parallel/serial control input enables individual JAM inputs to each of 8 stages. Q outputs are available from the sixth, seventh, and eighth stages. All outputs have equal source and sink current capabilities and conform to standard "B" series output drive.

When the parallel/serial control input is in the logical "0" state, data is serially shifted into the register synchronously with the positive transition of the clock. When the parallel/serial control is in the logical "1" state, data is jammed into each stage of the register asynchronously with the clock.

All inputs are protected against static discharge with diodes to VDD and VSS.


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   Datasheet for the CD4021
Fairchild Semiconductors
   Semiconductor manufacturer
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