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3-Terminal Adjustable Negative Regulator

Other names for this product: LM 137, LM337, LM 337,
Courtesy/Thanks to: National Semiconductor

Description: General Description

The LM137/LM337 are adjustable 3-terminal negative voltage
regulators capable of supplying in excess of −1.5A over
an output voltage range of −1.2V to −37V. These regulators
are exceptionally easy to apply, requiring only 2 external
resistors to set the output voltage and 1 output capacitor for
frequency compensation. The circuit design has been optimized
for excellent regulation and low thermal transients.

Further, the LM137 series features internal current limiting,
thermal shutdown and safe-area compensation, making
them virtually blowout-proof against overloads.

The LM137/LM337 serve a wide variety of applications including
local on-card regulation, programmable-output voltage
regulation or precision current regulation. The LM137/
LM337 are ideal complements to the LM117/LM317
adjustable positive regulators.


- Output voltage adjustable from −1.2V to −37V

- 1.5A output current guaranteed, −55°C to +150°C

- Line regulation typically 0.01%/V

- Load regulation typically 0.3%

- Excellent thermal regulation, 0.002%/W

- 77 dB ripple rejection

- Excellent rejection of thermal transients

- 50 ppm/°C temperature coefficient

- Temperature-independent current limit

- Internal thermal overload protection

- P+ Product Enhancement tested

- Standard 3-lead transistor package

- Output is short circuit protected


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   Datasheet for the LM137 and LM337
National Semiconductor
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