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Dual operational transconductance amplifier

Other names for this product: NE 5517,
Courtesy/Thanks to: Philips Semiconductor

Description: The NE5517 contains two current-controlled transconductance amplifiers, each with a differential input and push-pull output. The NE5517 offers significant design and performance advantages over similar devices for all types of programmable gain applications. Circuit performance is enhanced through the use of linearizing diodes at the inputs which enable a 10dB signal-to-noise improvement referenced to 0.5% THD. The NE5517 is suited for a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications and is recommended as the preferred circuit in the Dolby* HX (Headroom Extension) system. Constant impedance buffers on the chip allow general use of the NE5517. These buffers are made of Darlington transistor and a biasing network which changes bias current in dependence of I ABC . Therefore, changes of output offset voltages are almost eliminated. This is an advantage of the NE5517 compared to LM13600. With the LM13600, a burst in the bias current I ABC guides to an audible offset voltage change at the output. With the constant impedance buffers of the NE5517 this effect can be avoided and makes this circuit preferable for high quality audio applications.


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   Datasheet for the NE5517
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