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Voltage Controlled Signal Processor

Other names for this product: CEM 3389,
Courtesy/Thanks to: Curtis Electromusic Specialties

Description: The CEM3389 is a general purpose audio signal processing device intended for use in multichannel
systems. Included on-chip are a wide-range four-pole lowpass VCF with voltage controlled resonance, and three high quality VCAs, two of which pan the output signal of the third between two outputs.

All three VCAs feature low noise and low control voltage feedthrough without trimming. In addition, the three VCAs are structured such that when the input VCA is off, no currents flow in the two output pan VCAs, resulting in absolutely no noise in the outputs. Thus, the output of
multiple 3389s may be combined together without excessive noise buildup.

The VCF is the same patented filter used in other Curtis products, designed for good sonic characteristics and no output loss with increasing resonance. With the exception of filter frequency, all control inputs range from 0 to +5V and provide moderately high impedance for minimal system loading. The filter frequency control voltage ranges from -150mV to +100mV, allowing easy control voltage mixing and all parameters to be conveniently controlled with a single polarity DAC.

The CEM3389 is pin-for-pin compatible with the CEM3379, and may usually dropped into
existing designs with only a few component value changes.

Able to operate over a wide supply range and requiring a bare minimum of external
components, the CEM3389 offers low noise signal processing at low cost in stereo output


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