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Voltage Controlled Signal Processors

Other names for this product: CEM 3379,
Courtesy/Thanks to: Curtis Electromusic

Description: The CEM3378 and CEM3379 contain general purpose audio signal processing blocks which are
completely separate from each other. These devices are useful in a wide variety of audio and
musical instrument applications.

The CEM3378 includes a two-channel voltage controlled mixer, a wide range four-pole low-pass
voltage controlled filter with voltage controlled resonance, and a high quality voltage controlled
amplifier featuring low noise and low control voltage feedthrough without trimming.

The CEM3379 includes the same filter and VCA as the CEM3378, but instead of an input
mixer, provides a two-channel voltage controlled output pan function.

Since all blocks have separate input, output, and control terminals they many be interconnected
as shown in the block diagrams, or used separately in different parts of a system. With the
exception of the filter frequency, all control voltage inputs range from 0 to +5V and provide
moderately high impedance for minimal system loading; the filter frequency control voltage
ranges from -150mV to +100mV, allowing easy control voltage mixing and all parameters to be
conveniently controlled with a single polarity DAC.

Able to operate over a wide supply range and requiring a bare minimum of external
components, the CEM3378 and CEM3379 offer the designer means to create unique signal
processing configurations at the lowest possible cost.


· Low Cost

· VCF and 4 VCAs on a single 18 pin DIP

· Separate inputs and outputs for each function

· Choice of Balance (3378) or Pan (3379)

· Rich Sounding VCF

· Constant Amplitude versus Resonance VCF Design

· Low Noise, Low Distortion VCA

· Very Low Control Voltage Feedthrough without trims

· Operation down to +-5V


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